SUNDOGS, A Native Touch was created to embrace the heritage, demonstrate respect and appreciate all aspects of the Native American culture.  SUNDOGS provides a market and venue for authentic Native American and First Nations merchandise at a friendly, yet respectful place. Our inventory is rotated regularly, come and check it out!

One of the goals at SUNDOGS is to promote Native American and First Nations artists in the most honorable way, as their crafts distinguish their beliefs, their families, and their tribal uniqueness from one another.  We strive to do this in the "good way".

All of the products in the store will be focused on, created by, designed for the love and respect of Native American and First Nations people.  SUNDOGS, A Native Touch opened December of 2012 and is owned and operated by Margaret Standing Bear, an enrolled member of the Northern Arapaho Nation with ancestries stemming from the Rocky Boy and the Wind River Reservations.

SUNDOGS, A Native Touch is a proud member of the Montana Made Products program.